Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hey i've got some new shoes on

Pardon me if I hum the tune of Paolo Nutini's zippy little song "New Shoes." Because I got some new shoes people!

Drum roll please....

1) Presenting my absolute favorite thing about Target...their complete and total rip offs of other much more expensive shoes! Here are my 20 dollar faux Jack Rogers. Can you tell the difference? No, I did not think so. Also anyone who wants to say that the reason Jack Rogers cost so much is because of quality need only take a look at my two year old Jack Rogers's shoes, which look like they have been run over by multiple mass transit vehicles.

2) New brown boots! From Rack Room. On sale for 20 dollars! Here's the thing. Six months in Thailand turned me into someone who is very, very cheap. By the end of our time there we would go out to a nice Indian or Mexican dinner (and yes Mexican food is expensive in Thailand) and if our per person total hit the $15 dollar mark we would turn to each other, sigh, and say that it would just have to be a splurge kind of night. I have become someone who is frugal and a spend-thrift, and I kind of love it.

3) New sneakers! Okay so these might not seem as exciting. But if you could only experience the pain I have felt in my knees and ankles since I began my new Jillian Michaels crazy person workouts. I suspect a lot of this pain may be the result of the fact that my old Northface tennis shoes, while very cute, are for hiking in tropical environments (I bought them for India). They are practically water shoes. And wearing them during my daily workouts has not been kind to my apparently rapidly aging body. So hopefully these new Nikes will do the trick. If anyone has any other tips for how to avoid knee/ankle pain from this strange sensation called working out please let me know!

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