Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 things for Tuesday night.

1. One word. Buttermilk.

Okay maybe I need a few more words. One of my favorite foods to make are oven baked chicken nuggets (because they are the closest I can get to my beloved McD's nuggets without sacrificing my health and dignity-although when I am sick and/or hungover, screw my dignity, give me some nuggets and spicy honey mustard). In the past I've stuck to a simple recipe, chop up chicken breasts, dip them in olive oil then Panko bread crumbs, then bake at high temps to get nice and brown.

I stumbled on this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs How Sweet Eats. I didn't make this recipe exactly but I stole a few ideas. #1: soaking the raw chicken in buttermilk for a few hours in the fridge (how could I have never done this before?!) #2 using a wire rack on top of the baking sheet #3 spraying cooking spray on the nuggets and #4 using some whole wheat flour along with my panko.

I neglected to take a picture because I was too busy stuffing the nuggets into my face without stopping to chew/breathe. But, they were awesome. The meat was much more tender and juicy than without the buttermilk and the whole wheat flour gave them a much more traditional nugget crunch than just the bread crumbs. So, so, so good.

2. My Clarisonic Mia has changed my face's life.

I have incredibly weird skin in the sense that on my cheeks and forehead it's pretty nice and smooth. I may have even received random stranger comments on occasion. But, and here's a big but, I have had T zone problems since I was 12. I've managed to keep it more or less under control but only by using an Acne specific 3 step system (Clinique for the last 6 years or so) every morning and night (it takes me like 30 minutes to get ready for bed, there are so many nights when I stay up late just because I am too tired to get ready for bed). I wash my face religiously. I never don't. And only by doing that have I kept relatively pimple free in recent years. But my skin is still oily in my T zone. I have huge pores around my nose. Blackheads (have I over-shared too much yet?). Far too many stress induced breakouts since going back to school.

But then. The skies parted. The sun came out. I finally ponied up the dough to buy a Clarisonic brush. I've had it for almost two weeks, and I can already not imagine life without it. I know that sounds silly. But if you have problem skin try one of these out. I know they are a little pricey. But I can guarantee it's worth it. My skin looks different already, but the biggest change is what it feels like, so smooth, and everywhere on my face now, not just my cheeks. I wash my face and all I want to do after is touch my face (which I know is not the best way to keep it all nice and clean so I resist the urge). I swear my pores have shrunken.

I'm sure I will still get the occasional stress breakout. But I really do feel like this has drastically changed my skin. And no I am not getting paid by Clarisonic. But I just had to share, because I'm sure there are many out there like me, adults who are sick and tired of that monthly break out and not wanting to not feel like Kelly Kapowski in that one episode of Saved by the Bell where Zac sells her defective acne cream to treat her giant, Rudolph nose pimple.

3) Last dodgeball game tonight. 

Also, on a related note I'm playing on a social dodgeball league! I'm finally fulfilling my mom's wishes, who before I started dating my boyfriend made a habit of every few months saying something along the lines of "why don't you join one of those social sports leagues? It's a great way to meet single young people." Much to my boyfriend's relief, I am not playing to meet young singles. I signed up with a bunch of my nursing school buddies as a way to force ourself to still have moments of fun in our lives during the semester. And much to my PE hating former self (I literally hid in the bathroom, that or faked a headache, or if I really wanted to get out of it, lady cramps), I have had a great time dodging balls. And that is pretty much all I do. Apparently throwing a dodge ball with enough force to get someone out requires arm strength that I do not, nor ever will, have. I can run 26 miles. I can not throw a ball with even a remote amount of force. 

But that's okay. We have lost almost every game (except for two come from-behind, last minute....ties). And it has still been good, silly fun. Especially because our team isn't big fat cheaters like almost every one else who plays. 

We may be 4th from last place in the league, but we've left it with our dignity. Plus beer vouches. And t-shirts!

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