Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Apartment! (Part 2)

So I should be working on the many school assignments I have due this week, but 1) it's 10:30pm and my brain stops working precisely at 8 every evening 2) it might snow tomorrow morning, so there goes any leftover, residual concentration I might have left, it is taking all of my willpower not to press my face up against the glass and stare for the next 8 hours and 3) between my best friend coming to stay tomorrow and our planned wine night with some of my other favorite ladies, NYC (squeeee!) this weekend with the boyfriend, spring break next week, my siblings birthday week next week (they're not twins, just have birthdays four days apart, which has always been exciting for me since my wee days because it means two big family birthday dinners!, and which this year means my favorite person on the planet, my sweet little niece, will be here), well between all of that I just cannot for the life of me do anything productive.

So instead I thought I'd finish my post on my new apartment. I left off with the living room, which means I have precisely one and 3/4 rooms left (the 3/4 being the combo of my eeny, weeny kitchen and eeny, weeny bathroom).

So first the bedroom.

Wall paint=metallic silver from Benjamin Moore. This was the first room I've ever painted and I think it's  so serene, exactly what I wanted for the place I would sleep. Rugs are from Target. Normally I hate to cover up so much of the wood floors but the floors in this room are so beat up from numerous paint jobs (not mine!, except for maybe a few drops here and there). And I thought the rugs were also very clean and serene. This is my favorite bedding ever, from West Elm. Painting above the bed is from Ubud, Bali.

Just had to take this to show off my ginormous, wonderful window that looks out onto Monument. My mom is currently making me curtains (out of the cutest yellow print fabric I picked out at u-Fab) so I will repost when those are up.

Ignore the horrible handwriting on the chalkboard.

This cute ottoman was also reupholstered by my Mom (wow, writing these posts I am realizing that without the industrious nature of my mother my apartment would be a lot more barren). I got it ages ago from an estate sale and it used to be covered in leopard print (I went through a hot pink and animal print phase when I was 14; it was not good). I think this is a vast improvement. 

Lamp from Whispers of Time consignment. Coaster from the Charleston Historical Society (it's the Angel Oak if you look closely). Sand dollars from Isle of Palms beach walks.

My itty bitty bathroom. I tease but I actually strangely love this bathroom. I think it's the all white tile on the walls and floor plus all that light that comes in through the window. It's just very bright and clean.

Got this at an antique store in Georgia and had been using it as a side table, until I realized it was a perfect storage piece for a bathroom.

As you can see here.

Okay so I may not love this sink. Notice the separate hot and cold faucets. That's fun. But I do love my shower curtain-from Target.

This is the hallway leading into my teeny, tiny kitchen. Notice the teeny, tiny oven. At least I can be thankful for the presence of a gas range. But really this kitchen is kind of hopeless. I have spent so much time trying to figure out how to improve it, because it is the one part of the apartment that really has no character and only a lot of ugliness. The tile is bad. It's insane asylum white from floor to celiing. And so, so little. But I've hung a lot of pictures, put up a giant mirror to trick the eye into thinking it's bigger, and have plans to paint a little. So we shall see.

It does at least have, say it with me!, lots of natural light. Thank goodness for that, even if it means sometimes I awkwardly find myself face to face with my neighbors who share the same fire escape. 

This is a little detail, but my jars make me happy every morning when I get coffee. The "sugar" (aka Truvia, but don't tell anyone) is from Anthropologie. The "spoons" jar I made myself for my best friend's bridal shower, and the coffee is just a big, ol' mason jar. Also this coffee pot has been with me for 7 yeras. I'm not sure to be proud or horrified by that fact.

Also had to point out this life saving pot rack from iKea. This did not come with the apartment but was installed by my very industrious boyfriend when I moved in. Without it, I have no idea where my pots and pans would go. Probably on the fire escape.

So that's it folks. Not too fancy. Not too big.

But it's home :)

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Tyrone Swopes said...

Your new apartment is just perfect! Every nook and cranny looks amazing. Truly, you can never go wrong with white. That's a cool bathroom storage box, by the way. :D

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