Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Salmon burgers with spicy mayo and cooked kale.

So day two of healthier eating! And I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying cooking every night. It's especially satisfying after a cheerful two days at school learning about hypertension and heart disease. So tonight's heart friendly dinner:

Salmon burgers:
   -Confession, I bought Trader Joe's frozen salmon patties, which are probably not as healthy as making them fresh, but have you ever made fresh salmon burgers? That shit is hard. You have to buy fillets and cook them and then dice them and then put them back together again with eggs and bread crumbs and other sticky stuff. So I thought these were an acceptable alternative.

So anyways the salmon patties don't really have a recipe since I bought them pre-made, but I served them on 100% whole wheat English muffins with mixed greens and sliced tomato and my special spicy mayo (1 tbsp mayo, 1 tsp Sri Racha, and soy sauce to taste-mixed together until it's bright pink and delicious).

They were awesome. But my favorite part of this meal was the kale. I bought a bag of fresh kale and prepared it like so:

-Heated about 2tbsp EVOO in a large pot. Once the oil was hot but not too hot, I added diced onions, garlic and shallots. Cooked those until they were all nice and sweaty and aromatic (sorry for not having technical terms, but I'm sleepy, probably about 5 minutes on low heat, just be careful not to burn the garlic/shallot/onion mixture or it will taste disgusting and no one will eat anything you cook ever again). Added 1 cup of chicken broth (veg. broth would also do). Added bag of kale. Turned heat up to medium. Covered and cooked about 10 min (really also to taste, but I waited until the kale was pretty good and wilted). Then I added salt and pepper to taste along with a hefty dose of red wine vinegar (if you want specifics about 3-4 tbsp probably). And then on a whim I saw a half of a lemon in the fridge and tossed the juice of that in as well (which, not to toot my own horn, but added the perfect hint of citrus, worked really nicely with the acid from the vinegar).

I honestly could have eaten a whole meal of just the kale. I've gotten really into cooked greens lately. I think it's unavoidable as a Southerner, but they really are so freaking good. And one of the healthiest things you can put in your body. So win win.

Happy healthy eating :)

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