Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspiration or Extremely Poor Judgement?

Admit it, we've all thought about working out after a drnk or two, this man takes the guess work out of it, plus I love that his name tag says Sarah

I read about the blog, in NY Magazine, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Reading it I don't know whether to laugh, go for a tipsy run, or try and get this man into some sort of substance abuse program. But it's worth checking out. Here's a little sampling from his blog about running drinking a beer a mile for a thirteen mile half marathon (and yes he means while running).

"You know how they say alcohol affects your judgment? After the bridge, I decide to run across eight lines of highway traffic because the view on the other side looks nicer. I am fortunately not flattened by oncoming traffic. Nor am I nailed by any authorities for being on foot running across a highway obviously carrying an open beer. Turns out the view is the same on the other side."

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