Sunday, May 23, 2010

J'aime bien les posters!

Zut alors mes amies! (my French is a little rusty but I'm fairly certain that translates into "Blimey my friends!) Today is the first official day of the French Open, and I am jazzed. I love tennis. I love France. And after missing all three of the summer slams last year, I cannot wait to feast on some Parisian set world class tennis over the next two weeks.

I noticed the official 2010 Roland Garros poster online and on Tennis Channel and was immediately struck by how gorgeous and cool it was. I think it's vintage-y and whimsical, but strong and sporty as well. It's by the artist, Malini Nalini (isn't that a great name? I might use it to name my firstborn). But my point is I think this would look amazing framed and put up on a wall (in my imaginary apartment of course).

So I did a quick search to see if it was sold anywhere online and stumbled across assorted Roland Garros posters from the last 20 or so years. And they are all absolutely incredible. Apparently the French Open gets contemporary artists to do their posters, ala Spoleto, and I want all of them. Unfortunately the older ones fetch up to $2,000, but a girl can dream right. Here are some of my favorites.

1981 by the artist, Arroyo

1984 by Aillaud

1984 by Razzia

1985 by Monory

1990 by Garache

1994 by Pignon-Ernest

1999 by Segui

And perhaps my absolute favorite, 2003 by Hammond

One day I will decorate an entire room with these posters. I think they are just so striking. Ils sont magnifiques!

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