Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts for a Monday night

  • Shannon Doherty has not aged well.
  • Kate Gosselin looks like a crazy, orange, bedazzled alien.
  • Note to self: never make the mistake of flipping to Dancing with the Stars ever again. It is like some horrible, cheesy, glittery fever dream broadcast live on network television.
  • Chuck is absolutey the best show on television right now and it has the most killer soundtrack. This is the show that introduced me to The New Pornographers (it's a band grandma if you're reading this!) and Rogue Wave.
  • Cadbury creme eggs were invented for the sole purpose of tempting me into evil. If I remember correctly from my thirteen years of Catholic school, isn't Lent supposed to be about fasting? How am I supposed to fast when there are chocolate eggs filled with sugary goodness foisted on me by adorable bunnies? How!?
  • Tina Fey on the cover of Vogue (and yeah I realize I'm a month late on this) is awesome. Even if she has quickly been replaced by that skinny you know what, Gisele.
  • I've followed Oprah's advice and decluttered my closet. Out goes all of my winter wool. In goes spring florals and color and stripes :)
  • Apparently there are some Republicans out there who think that yesterday was one of America's "darkest days." Because sure, I defintely think the passage of a bill that may fix some of or part of our absolutely broken health care system, a bill passed without coercion by representatives we elected in free and fair elections, a bill that might help someone like me who is unemployed and no longer on my parent's insurance and thus totally screwed and insurance-less, is right up there with Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and the dark days of the Great Depression. Really accurate and not at all hysterical description guys. Keep up the good work.
  • Saw Ben Folds at The National last night live for the fifth time. And there is simply no one like him. I have seen shows with pyrotechincs, shows with smoke machines and giant puppet strings (okay all three of those may have been N'Sync). I have seen a lot of live shows with a lot of bells and whistles, but none of them come cose to what Ben Folds does by himself with just a piano. The ultimate artist who represents quality over surface packaging. He's just the greatest, and so I leave you with a little taste of Mr. Folds.


Lynda... said...

Awesome! I saw been back in the late '90's at Queens University in Charlotte. It was billed as the "Acoustic Christmas" concert. The only thing plugged in was the microphone, and it was incredible.
Best. Concert. Ever....still.

Lynda... said...

And that would be "Ben" and not "been"...I'm having a rough day...;-)

liz ramsay said...

haha i figured you meant "ben" and yes, he is definitely the best ever

Laura said...

Annie Waits is one of my personal favorites. Quality choice. I'm sad I missed him :(

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