Tuesday, September 30, 2008



I am a little bit in love with the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, Tuesday nights at 10pm. Before I watched this show I kind of hated Rachel Zoe. All I really associated her with was the hobo chic style (ie super baggy, homeless looking clothes on super skinny girls), and some nasty gossip. But reluctantly I tuned in for part of an episode, and then for a full episode, and little by little I've really grown to like her (or at least her television persona). From what I can tell, she's a very succesful woman who loves her job and is extremely good at and passionate about what she does for a living. She seems smart and driven and confident, and the more I've watched the show, the more I've wondered why there seems to be so much negativity directed towards her. While I may not excel at it all the time (let's all point to exhibit A-pink Ugg boots circa 2004), I really enjoy and am fascinated by fashion. Sure it's not curing cancer or saving the environment, but if it makes someone happy and if it makes someone feel beautiful, then why can't it be considered important? And it's a craft. If you've spent any serious time shopping, then you know how vast the differences can be between a well made garment and a not well made one. Same goes for the differences between something that has been well designed by someone who understands a woman's body and a garment at Urban Outfitters that has clearly not been designed with any thought to the fact that there are women out there who (gasp) aren't shaped like twelve year old boys. And in the few episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project I've watched, it really seems like she loves fashion, but more than that, she loves fashion that makes women feel good about themselves. And how can you not get behind that? Plus she's a huge vintage freak, and if you need any indication that someone truly loves the crafstmanship and the artistry behind fashion, then just ask if they shop vintage. And more than anything, what has impressed me has been her interactions with these amazing designers-Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta. And these geniuses of fashion clearly respect her and her opinion, which I think says a great deal.
So if you're like me and have pre-judged Rachel Zoe then I encourage you to give the show and her another chance. And if you still can't stand her, then at least tune in for the awesome interactions between her two assistants-Taylor (the blunt hair chica with the quasi cynical attitude) and Brad (the impecably styled, dandy-riffic boy who is heartbreakingly earnest and absolutely adorable). Taylor hates Brad and it's obvious to everyone who can you know, see or hear. Brad has no idea. And that makes for some brilliant television.

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